Our Real Estate Roots Run Deep


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Juniper Title, Inc. has a passion for serving clients and also making deals happen. The Real Estate Title Company provides insurance, escrow and closing services for residential and commercial clients and also has expertise in all aspects of the real estate industry.

New firm with long history

Juniper Title, Inc. evolved from a law firm. Julia Barth founded JP Barth Law Firm, PLLC in 2007 to offer a full range of legal services. In addition, part of her work was as a fee attorney providing title services. As a result, demand for these services grew. She created Juniper Title, Inc., an independent real estate title company that specializes in title services.

Juniper Title welcomes clients who are seeking a fast yet trouble-free experience in residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Every client and employee matters

Juniper’s philosophy is to treat clients and employees with caring, compassion and also understanding. “We go the extra mile to ensure all parties are treated fairly and also with respect. Every client and every deal is important to us. Therefore, this is the concept on which our real estate title company is founded, and the mantra we will follow moving forward.” Says Julia Barth, Founder of Juniper.

Customer service beyond

Customer service at Juniper Title means taking calls and answering questions and also being there for customers and clients — whatever it takes. “We don’t kill deals. We close deals.” says Julia Barth. Consequently, the Juniper team has a reputation for predicting bumps in the road that other attorneys and title companies don’t anticipate. “Because we have experience on all sides of the business, we have the ability to see the big picture and the details.”

“Juniper” Name

The symbolism associated with the “Juniper” tree speaks to the values on which the company is built.

  • Strength
  • Longevity
  • Vitality
  • True to self – no compromise
  • Integrity

The Juniper stands tall in other ways. The hardy evergreen thrives in high-elevation soils where few others can survive. “In comparison, we opened our first practice in a tough economic terrain, establishing firm roots and growing tall. Juniper is heir to that success. As a result, we are passionate about helping every client establish their roots and reach their dreams.”